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Anxiety is a collective emotions of fear, apprehension or worry. We all gone through anxiety in various situation, sometimes these kind of anxiety make us functional well. However this can become a problem when it comes quiet often and stays for a long term or make us numb for a while.

Stress is a part of our life, coping with a certain amount is challenging as well. And too much stress can be overwhelming and has a negative impact on our well-being. Stress is not an emotion but a response to a physical or mental trigger that we may encounter.

Depression usually shows heavy and enduring feeling of hopelessness that can affect our mood, feelings, behavior and body. Depression is more common but unexplored yet with many of us.

On the whole, Anxiety, Depression and stress have common symptoms and can be considered as an umbrella term for feeling low. For all these we need to seek for counselling when it prolong for many days or week etc.

The symptoms can be as follows
• Loss of interest in your physical appearance
• Loss of appetite or Over Eating
• Lack of sleep
• Mood swings
• Lack of focus
• Prefer to be alone
• Negative thoughts
• Suicidal thoughts and fantasies
• Racing thoughts

The severity of the symptoms can vary. There will be more symptoms than we think. With our experienced therapist you will get two benefits. Firstly, you feel less exhausted by your symptoms. Second, you can build more confidence in handling such situation. Our certified therapists will work on identifying the triggers and discussing the reasons. We have effective techniques to help you to minimize your response to the situation.

It is more important to remember that anxiety is the symptom, it shows up the result of something else and our therapy can help you to explore and discover what exactly that is.

All depression are not the same. A trained counsellor will start with ‘what the depression feels like it for you’. Our trained therapists will support you in developing a program of self-care in the beginning to combat the particular kind of depression you are experiencing and to build resilience.
Research shows that the effectiveness of Stress, Anxiety and depression counselling is affected by the relationship you have with your counsellor, thus it is important that you find who you can build a trusting relationship with.

Our approach to anxiety, stress and depression, diagnosis is based on a thorough evaluation of your unique symptoms, previous history, and personal circumstances all with the goal of creating an individualized treatment plan that meets your specific requirement.

We understand that Anxiety, stress and depression can be stressful. With our private treatment, you have access to our specialist therapists. We aim to ensure that you receive a personalized attention.

With Shamshi Mubarak, you can expect a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to care that puts your need first. With our comprehensive approach, we are confident in our therapists to help you achieve lasting recovery.