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Child Therapy Sessions

Shamsi assesses each client on an individual basis. Once this is completed, she organizes therapy sessions with the child alone and/or with parents according to the requirements of the treatment. Also, in some cases, she communicates with the child’s school authorities in order to gather relevant information to support the treatment.

Shamsi communicates with the child’s/adolescent’s parents regularly and they are kept informed about their ward’s progress on a day-to-day basis. She also conducts school visits to assess the child’s performance in academic settings during treatment. She is in close contact and in constant touch with other health professionals who have participated in the child’s adolescent treatment.

With children, Shamsi’s specific treatment areas include cognitive behavioural interventions. Other treatment methodologies for adolescents and children include token economy programs that are reinforced by the child’s parents and teachers and also game therapy. When working with older children and adolescents, in particular, Shamsi uses deeper approaches such as CBT combined with hypnotherapy to help promote change and derive better outcomes.

Shamsi’s previous experience includes working as a teacher, tutor and counsellor with children including working with families where children have special needs. Shamsi has worked extensively with teenagers tutoring them in order to help them improve their organisational skills.

Shamsi frequently uses hands-on activities to help them grasp concepts efficiently and effectively. Moreover, she believes that this activity helps children and adolescents to enhance their cognitive skills and perfect their concepts via the stimulation that is experienced during hands-on methods.